Animation Used in Post Production Industry

January 4, 2019


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Computer animation is the most demanded trends in the market today after jobs. The animation technology is getting simpler day by day due to the various effective and friendly softwares and so is the opportunities in this field. Many institutes are offering training and getting a good admissions for the courses.


Mostly it is done in the manual way. The first method is to create a series of cartoon frames and then combining together into a film. Another method was by using physical models. Here these models are placed and an image was captured. Similarly different physical models are selected having their captured image and these models are moved simultaneously. Thus the process continues.

But today all the above methods are replaced by the computer animations. In this animation is created using computer software using computer graphics. By computer graphics we can create moving images by the aid of computer. In both 2D and 3D format. Computer graphics is used to display images of any size on computer screens which would be impossible to display on normal condition. For this various algorithms and techniques are employed for generation computer graphics output. Animation involves moving the camera in a more technical way following the law of physics.


Computer animation can be made with the help of computer and software. Cinema 4D, Poser, Amorphium etc are some of the example of software used for this purpose. Numerous software product choices are accessible and costs to differ as per the sophistication of the projects.

Animators add their creative skills and perfection in their projects that is the only reason for a good animation. Their creative vision gives a liveliness to the virtual object that seems like a real one.

Forms of Animation:

Scripting System is the oldest used method where the animator writes a script in animation language

Behavioral Animation: It is also simulates procedural animation where an object behaves following the instructions given by the animator.

Procedural animation: It is a type of animation that automatically generates as a result of other action.

Computer animation is used in various fields like movies, advertising, video games, web designing etc. This industry is gaining popularity from the last few years because of its wide range of applications.